Cell storage management service

Even from a single important cell sample.

Trying to store and manage cells while maintaining a firm level of quality can be a lot of work. Phicell, on behalf of our customers, safely and securely manages cells in GMP-compliant facilities equipped with thorough information security and management systems based on various standard operating procedures (SOPs).

About Cell Storage Management Services

Cell Storage Management Service is a service to manage customers’ valuable cell samples in liquid nitrogen cryopreservation containers or ultra-low temperature freezers under a GLP/GCP/GMP compliant system for the purpose of development support, transportation support, testing support, etc. This service makes full use of Phicell’s experience and track record in operating various specimen management facilities over the years.

Based on our extensive experience in specimen handling, we will work closely with you to provide the best plan for your needs.

Management method

ID management method can be selected between individual units or box units.

Management Space

You can choose how to reserve storage space: only the volume you need or a certain amount of space.

Contract period

We offer a wide range of services from short term (1 month) to long term (10 years or more).

Storage Facilities

You can choose from liquid nitrogen cryopreservation containers (vapor phase) and ultra-low temperature freezers.

Examples of usage plans

1. Master cell bank backup storage

PurposeDrug Development Support
QualityGMP compliant
Temperature range-150℃
FacilityLiquid nitrogen cryopreservation container (vapor phase)
Contract period10 years
RecordsSubmit monthly temperature records of storage units
TreatmentAdditional storage in the box and pickup and delivery of single units are also available.

2. Storage of investigational drug (cell therapy)

PurposeClinical Trial Logistics Support
QualityGMP compliant
Temperature range-150℃
FacilityLiquid nitrogen cryopreservation container (vapor phase)
VolumeN2 Storage Occupancy
Contract period1 year
RecordRecords of temperatures in control facilities,
Inventory and in/out records,
temperatures during transportation, etc.
TreatmentReceives and dispatches based on requests

Our Strengths

A complete management system

  • GMP-compliant storage quality
  • Continuously trained staff performs work
  • Working according to SOPs
  • Real-time temperature monitoring system
  • Sample Information Management System

Comprehensive logistics network

  • Storage management and collection of cells that require careful handling
  • Entrusted with a series of complicated coordination tasks
  • Efficient supply of investigational drugs as a domestic depot in clinical trials

Reliable structure, facilities, and equipment

  • Facilities for a high level of disaster preparedness
  • Alarm distribution system and manned 24-hour monitoring
  • Strict access control
  • Emergency power generator
  • Auxiliary cooling device

Efficient remote management

  • Remote management of stored cells by cloud-based specimen management system


Reducing the burden on researchers

  • No new capital investment for cell storage is required.
  • We already have a system and track record of providing overall logistics services and can speedily support the establishment of a logistics network.
  • Efficient supply of investigational drugs as a domestic depot.

Safety and Security

  • Disaster-resistant and highly secure environment reduces the risk of damage or loss of cell samples.
  • Remote management by specimen management system is available.

Record and submission

  • Temperature record keeping during storage.
  • Temperature record keeping during transportation.

Cell management, by its nature, places a heavy mental burden on workers. Because of the importance of cells, outsourcing the management of cells to an external specialized storage facility relieves workers of not only the mental burden but also the administrative work.

How to Order

1. Confirm of requirements

In order to optimally manage important samples, specimens, cells, etc., we will propose the most appropriate plan after hearing your objectives, requests, etc., in advance. We can flexibly respond to your needs and applications. Please feel free to contact us.

2. Quotation and contract

We will provide a quotation based on storage specifications determined through consultation. After concluding a contract, we can also prepare procedures, prepare materials, and arrange transportation as needed.

3. Payment

We accept payment in Japanese yen (JPY) or US dollars (USD). If you have a preference, please let us know.
We can accept payment via bank transfer. We request that the customer bears the cost for handling fees.
If a formal invoice is required, one can be provided upon request.
As soon as payment has been confirmed, we will begin processing the order.

4. Project Start

Based on the specifications, the company inspects, receives, manages storage, and dispatches goods. All procedures are based on SOPs. We can also prepare reports (including temperature records for the relevant storage units) for each of the implemented operations.

We can also handle the disposal of samples, specimens, cells, etc. under management (including disposal related to withdrawal of consent) and the implementation of various analyses. Please use this service as an optional service.

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